Fertility Literacy Notes

By Dr. Nora Pope, ND and Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

The 28-day cycle ignores the individuality of each woman.

You’d think by 2020, the world would appreciate the diversity seen in women’s monthly cycles.

In our years of practice, we have seen only between 10-15 percent of female patients with a 28-day cycle.  Often, the Oral Contraceptive Pill and the IVF Cycle are meant to mimic a 28-day model.

Those 28-day cycles, driven by OCP use and IVF processes are a top-down construct, a pharmaceutically-driven schedule to supersede natural physiology.

Cycle Charting respects and honours the individual uniqueness of each woman’s cycle.

Hail Women’s Physiology!

You want to see about five days of Red Flow, five days of White Flow and a stable luteal or Post-Peak Phase.

Do you have those three healthy bio markers?

Fertility Literacy is Body Literacy

‘Body Literacy’ is a term coined by @laurawershler

Fertility literacy is body literacy is estrogen literacy is white flow literacy is progesterone literacy is red flow literacy is fertility literacy is body literacy.  

Cycle charting just lends itself beautifully to Beat Poetry.

It merges women’s health with the Art of Medicine.

Do you know when your estrogen and progesterone are working in your body?

Progesterone could prevent 8,450 miscarriages a year

And that’s only in the UK (pop. 66.7 million). Imagine if progesterone was given to women in Canada (pop.37.6 million) to prevent miscarriage? 

Could that mean nearly 5000 miscarriages a year are prevented? 

What about the USA (pop. 331 million)? Nearly 42,000 potential lives saved in 2021? 

@fertility.ce teaches health care practitioners about the Power of Progesterone. 

Source: Progesterone could prevent 8,450 miscarriages a year, finds new research

Men Are Fertile Everyday

Let’s ponder this for a moment. 

The burden of avoiding pregnancy is traditionally placed on the woman’s shoulders.  Is this fair? 

She is only fertile a few days each month, whereas men are fertile every single day. 

Women are expected to imbibe hormonal contraception in the form of the Pill, IUDs as well as injectables and patches. Why not learn about a non-toxic way to naturally space out your pregnancies? 

Cycle charting is one solution you can explore. 

Our next Continuing Education webinar is Friday Jan 22, 2021.  Care to join us?  Contact us at info@fertilityce.com

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