Meet Nora Pope

My dream: I want to Save Lives with Progesterone


By Nora Pope, FCP (Practiced Naturopathic Medicine from 2002-2019)


My dream is that every ER doctor and ER nurse knows about Progesterone and its life saving properties to prevent miscarriage. Progesterone is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Fertility clinics around the world are demonstrating innovative, new, off-label uses of different classes of medication to RESTORE fertility: amphetamines, opioid antagonists which help restore…..progesterone levels. Even HcG, the pregnancy hormone, can be used for men to restore health!

Fertility Practitioners can restore fertility in our patients. It is our highest calling to cure. With Cycle Charting, our patients’ menstrual charts become the road map to time blood tests, time ultrasounds, time medications and monitor the restoration of health, with the help of observing when White Flow starts and finishes. Naturopathic Doctors, with their patients, can collaborate and be a part of the solution.  I Dare to Dream…