White Flow and Red Flow


By: Dr. Nora Pope, ND and Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

White Flow Makes Babies!!!

Did you know we were conceived in our mother’s Fallopian tube, bathed in White Flow?

Women make fertile white flow, or cervical fluid, when their blood estrogen starts rising in the pre-ovulatory phase of their cycle.

Rising blood estrogen occurs as the dominant follicle in one ovary (or both in the case of fraternal twins) grows in size prior to rupture.  Larger size follicle = higher estrogen blood levels.

When wiping, the Sensation is slippery. When viewing, the Observation can be clear or cloudy. When stretching during the Finger Test, the height of the White Flow can be one inch or more.

The last day of Estrogen Rising is the Peak Day.

Then the White Flow stops.

Men make fertile White Flow, or seminal fluid, everyday.

Therefore the couple’s ability to make a baby with White Flow is during the woman’s days of fertile White Flow.

What are the life-inducing qualities in White Flow, which keep sperm, ova and newly formed conceptus alive.

Red Flow is Your Friend

We have just discussed White Flow. Red Flow is its Sister! 

You want at least five days of White Flow which confirms you have a healthy growing follicle producing a healthy and rising level of blood estrogen prior to ovulation.

As a result, you want a least five days of Red Flow during your period, in a crescendo-decrescendo pattern of decrescendo-crescendo-decrescendo pattern. 

Five days confirms your follicle turned into a healthy corpus luteum and cranked out enough progesterone to thicken the lining of your uterus for a healthy implantation and pregnancy.

Not pregnant? Red Flow begins and you’ve had a healthy dose of both estrogen and progesterone with all of its health benefits.

Do you have five days of White Flow and of Red Flow?

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